About Us

Welcome to the Dodge Radio about section. From here you will find all the information about how Dodge Radio began.

Back In Time

To do this we need to return you to the summer of 2009 and from Owen towers a little station by the name of Dodge Radio was born. Dodge Radio played all the very best in music from the last 7 decades including types such as Pop, Rock, R&B and lots more.

From time to time there would be live programming from DJs some of which are still with Dodge Radio and others that have moved on to pastors new!

In October 2009 Sidney Tambin who is now one of the managers joined the station. Within 6 years he has presented shows such as the Chart Show and the Saturday Night Party part B which is sadly no more.

Fast forward to 2011 Felix Ayee joins Dodge Radio he brings to Dodge Radio the Thank Goodness Itís Friday or TGIF for short, the Saturday Night Party and Guess the year shows.

Between 2011 and 2014 the Dodge Radio Team continues to grow steadily bringing shows such as the Non Stop Party Mix, the Hip-hop Take Over and the Friday Night Essential Mix.

Charity Event

In August of 2014 Dodge Radio takes part in its first ever Charity event. The Macmillan Cancer Event enabled Dodge Radio to work with a large network of Stations raising money for The Macmillan Cancer charity.

So what has changed since we started?

We have improved our website to look more professional, our automation has gone through significant updates to get you the listener the best listening experience.

Where we are today

Now in our 8th year we have managed to get us in most radio directories such as Apple TV, ITunes, Tune In Radio and ooTunes just to mention a few. Dodge Radio is also on Audio Boom, Face Book and Twitter.

So that is where our story comes to an end. Just because that is the end of the story; that is not the end of the journey for us. We hope you will continue to be with us over the years as we add more chapters to the story.