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Welcome to the archives page. Here you will find archives of all our live shows! Please select the show you would like to listen to and then browse through the individual eppisodes below!

All the shows currently available from Dodge Documentaries

  1. vira lynn - a dodge documentary.mp3
  2. dodge documentary - The story of Avicii.mp3
  3. Tones and I The Story So Far.mp3
  4. The life and career of Tony Hancock.mp3
  5. The life and career of Kennith Williams.mp3
  6. Sidney Tambin - the story of Glen Campbell.mp3
  7. Ray CampbellJamaican music, my story.mp3
  8. Nicholas Parsons documentary.mp3
  9. Dodge Documentary the Story of Christmas entertainment through the years with Billy Whitcombe – 01-12-2017 .mp3
  10. Aretha Franklyn - R E S P E C T The queen of soul.mp3
  11. dodge documentary the story of Audien with dj jc - 01-07-2017.mp3
  12. Dodge Documentary The story of oasis with Billy Whitcombe - 01-06-2017.mp3
  13. Dodge Documentary The Story Of Chuck Berry with Sidney Tambin - 04-05-2017.mp3
  14. Dodge Documentary Silver Side Up, The Story of Nickelback with Brian Ford - 01-04-2017.mp3